INFN  staff researcher @  Sezione di Bologna.
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Curriculum highlights
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Master Degree (Università di Firenze, 1999) and Ph. D. (Università di Bologna, 2003) in Physics.


Research interests:
Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics with high energy  neutrinos.
Current research projects and responsabilities:

- KM3NeT-Internationa & Ita  - DAQ and Readout coordinator

ANTARES - neutrino induced showers analysis/reconstruction coordinator



Current teaching activity (at the  Università di Bologna):
- Statistical Data Analysis for Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics (complements and exercises)
- Supervisor and co-supervisor of various Theses ( Bachelor, Master Degree and Ph.D.) in Physics and Informatics of students of Faculties of Physics and Informatics.



Other professional experiences

  • Permanent position as Physics Professor in State High School ITG Fermi in Pistoia ( after the National Examination in 1999) - Resigned when employed by INFN.
  • 3 years collaboration with the Circondario Empolese Valdelsa and  ARPAT, the  Tuscany Regional Agency for the Environmental Protection ( License as Competent Techinicist for Ambiental Acoustic Measurements).